Simon Merschak

Simon Merschak BSc MSc

Simon Merschak BSc MSc
Research Group Member
+43 5 0804 44478

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
School of Engineering
Stelzhamerstraße 23
4600 Wels, Austria

Simon Merschak is Research Associate at the School of Engineering, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Campus Wels, Austria. Currently he is finishing his PhD Thesis in the field of “Life Cycle Assessment” at Graz University of Technology.

He finished his university degree MSc in Automation Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Campus Wels in 2016. His core competencies cover “Sustainable Product Development”, “Life Cycle Assessment” and “Numeric Simulation of Mechatronic Components” and include the optimization and metrological verification of mechatronic systems.

He attended international conferences in Austria, Spain, France the Netherlands and Japan and published in several peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings.

The supervision and support of scientific student projects, bachelor and master thesis is also part of his work.


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  2. Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment as a Decision-Making Tool for the Design of Mechatronic Systems
    Simon Merschak, Thierno M.L. Diallo, and Peter Hehenberger
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  3. Influence of Digitization in Mechatronics Education Programmes : A Case Study between Taiwan and Austria
    Mario JungwirthPeter HehenbergerSimon Merschak, Wei-Chen Lee, and Chen-Yu Liao
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  4. Considerations of Life Cycle Assessment and the Estimate of Carbon Footprint of Powertrains
    Simon MerschakPeter Hehenberger, Stephan Schmidt, and Roland Kirchberger
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  5. Model Based Design of Inductive Components - Thermal Simulation and Parameter Determination
    Simon MerschakMario Jungwirth, Daniel Hofinger, and Günter Ritzberger
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  6. Data Relevance and Sources for Carbon Footprint Calculation in Powertrain Production
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