Research Centre for Low Carbon Special Powertrain
Acronym RC-LowCAP
Name Research Centre for Low Carbon Special Powertrain
Agency Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG
Track COMET Project
Timespan Nov 2018 - May 2023
Website https://rc-lowcap.at/

Project description

In the COMET Project “Research Centre for Low Carbon Special Powertrain (RC-LowCAP)” Austrian scientists work on the reduction of carbon dioxide emission of small propulsion systems and powertrains considering the whole product life cycle.

The international research consortium, under the lead of Graz University of Technology, consists of 9 company and 4 scientific partners and deals with powertrains for two-wheelers, small automobiles, as well as hand-held tools and garden equipment.

RC-LowCAP strives for an essential contribution to the de-carbonization of small powertrains for tools and utility, personal mobility vehicle and light transport by specific research projects and knowledge transfer. This includes research for the use and impact of carbon neutral fuels in and on hybrid and/or novel combustion engine propulsion concepts, electrified and hybridized powertrain concepts for the focused applications as well as emission reduction in real world operation and carbon footprint life cycle assessment investigations.